Meet the Writer

We hosted the first "Meet the Writer Luncheon" January 31, 2012 at OasisCloud Café. James Tipton suggested this idea to us and he was the author for our first luncheon. We hosted 42 luncheons over the next 3 years and had many memorable moments in the process.

We hope to have details and photos about all 42 luncheons here on the site soon.

Meet the Writer luncheon with David Bryen

Riding off the Edge of the Map

David Bryen

Riding off the Edge of the Map is a true account of the author and two fellow motorcyclists on an adventure-tour into Mexico's rugged and stunning Copper Canyon. They follow an errant map until they have traveled so far into danger that returning is deemed more precarious than continuing. Struggling with nearly impassible roads, injury, terror, and broken equipment, the three men were eventually forced to independently find their way back to civilization from the most remote part of the Canyon. The… Read more »

Meet the Writer luncheon with Zofia Barisas

The Woman Who Thought She Loved Men

Zofia Barisas

In your hand are stories unlike any you have ever encountered before. They are powerful, poignant, often violent, at times funny, but always wise in their depth and search for reasons behind her characters’ behavior. The themes are universal – the insatiable yearning for love, finding comfort in sex, the suffering resulting from rules imposed by church and society, and family neglect and conflict that have consequences for generations to follow. Barisas is a masterful weaver of plots that shuttle… Read more »

Meet the Writer luncheon with Lau'ana Lei

Inspirations on the Path

Inspirations on the Path, is a collection of poems written over Lau'ana Lei's lifetime. She will share some of her poetry and one or more of the short travel stories included in the book. The poem, I Am the Sea won the National Golden Poet Award. The poem was written at a time when Lau'ana was dying of cancer. She explains: "Writing was one of many healing modalities for me. I will share that experience and how it changed my life .......going into a new direction." Read more »

Coffee, Tea, And Pastries With Nina Discombe

The Leprous Veil of LoveThe Leprous Veil of Love

Nina Discombe

Secrets can be insidious. If you’ve ever had a secret, or kept one for someone else, you’ve had the monkey on your back. Big secrets especially have a way of isolating us from others, but they also cut us off from ourselves. They have a way of turning our lives into a pretense, a masquerade – a central theme in The Leprous Veil of Love. In love with her husband’s boss, Manon makes a series of ill-fated choices that push her further and further into her self-imposed prison until the fateful… Read more »

Meet the Writer luncheon with Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez

The Dark Side of the Dream

Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez

The Dark Side of the Dream, the highly-acclaimed historical novel by Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez, is now available at as a paperback and a Kindle version. Against the backdrop of current immigration reform efforts in the USA the novel provides important historical perspective. The novel depicts the struggles of Mexican immigrants to the USA by focusing on one family that migrated to Texas in 1941 and follows family members as they come to grips with a new, often hostile environment.… Read more »

Meet the Writer luncheon with Antonio Ramblés

Laguna Tales

Antonio Ramblés

Antonio Ramblés’ collection of serial short stories titled Laguna Tales is one of the works from which he’ll read on February 6th. The book traces two years in the lives of 6 Americans from different walks of life who arrive at forks in their personal crossroads all leading to Lake Chapala. Laguna Tales is digitally published and available on, where reader reviews say: “The characters are so real you can almost touch them. The descriptions of the Lake Chapala area are dead on.” “This… Read more »

Meet the Writer luncheon with Roberto Moulun

The Iguana Speaks My Name

Roberto Moulun

Roberto Moulun's collection of award-winning fiction, "The Iguana Speaks My Name," will be featured at Oasis Cloud on Wednesday, January 23. The book is nationally-acclaimed in the USA where it was named one of the top 25 independent books of 2012. It includes the title novella and 10 short stories in the magical realism genre perfected by Isabelle Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Reviewers in the USA and Mexico have praised the book, which is set in the villages of Moulun's native Guatemala. "Imaginative… Read more »

Meet the Writer luncheon with Patricia Hemingway

The One Who Got Away

Patricia Hemingway

Patricia Hemingway will read “Stories from the 21st Century” from her new book, The One Who Got Away. The book is a collection in two parts, the first of which are “San Antonio Stories” (familiar to those who attended Patricia’s December reading). Margaret Van Every’s review said these stories “showcase the author’s signature skill at compressing personal memories into few pages and evoking a universe that resounds in the heart of the reader.” Join us for this reading which will “activate… Read more »

Meet the Writer luncheon with Margaret Van Every

Saying Her Name

Margaret Van Every

Margaret Van Every, one of Lakeside's preeminent poets, will read from her new book Saying Her Name, on December 12. The book is a collection of poems about the author's finding her way in life after the death of her mother, which occurred when Margaret was a child of 10. The book describes the various stages through which all women pass in their life's journey toward the wisdom that comes with age and experience. Margaret is best known in these parts for her light hearted tanka on the mingling… Read more »

Who Rescued Who?

Tales of Street Dogs And The People Who Love Them

Barbara Harkness & Valerie Siegel

Canadian business woman, Barbara Harkness, and American attorney, Valerie Siegel, have pooled their mutual love of Lakeside’s many street dogs. The result is a charming collection of stories in Who Rescued Who: Tales of Street Dogs and the People Who Love Them. Moved by the numerous local efforts to care for and provide shelter for these dogs, the authors have chosen to support two major charities: Ajijic Rotary Dog Assisted Therapy program and Animal Buddies Cat/Dog Food Drive. Join us on Nov.… Read more »