Meet the Writer

We hosted the first "Meet the Writer Luncheon" January 31, 2012 at OasisCloud Café. James Tipton suggested this idea to us and he was the author for our first luncheon. We hosted 42 luncheons over the next 3 years and had many memorable moments in the process.

We hope to have details and photos about all 42 luncheons here on the site soon.

Meet the Writer luncheon with James Tipton

To Love for a Thousand Years

James Tipton

Our first "Meet the Writer Luncheon" with James Tipton was a great success. We had 25 people in attendance on Tuesday, January 31, and everyone enjoyed James' presentation about the poetic mystic experience and readings from his new book, "To Love for a Thousand Years". The luncheon was served afterwards out on our OasisCloud patio. It was a great time of fellowship, discussion, and getting to know each other. To Love for a Thousand Years, by James Tipton, is on sale at OasisCloud. We have a new… Read more »