Meet the Writer luncheon with Antonio Ramblés

Laguna Tales

Antonio Ramblés

Antonio Ramblés’ collection of serial short stories titled Laguna Tales is one of the works from which he’ll read on February 6th. The book traces two years in the lives of 6 Americans from different walks of life who arrive at forks in their personal crossroads all leading to Lake Chapala.

Laguna Tales is digitally published and available on, where reader reviews say:

“The characters are so real you can almost touch them. The descriptions of the Lake Chapala area are dead on.”

“This author's prose is spare and uncompromisingly honest as he paints a portrait of lives in and around Lake Chapala and how they are entwined. It's impossible not to see how the characters' lives are influenced and changed by their surroundings.”

Antonio publishes a weekly blog that he describes as “cultural photojournalism,” and also regularly posts on similar topics to his Facebook page. His work has been published in El Ojo Del Lago, which in 2006 named his short story collection its Best Fiction of the Year.

He’s been traveling to and within Mexico since 1975, dividing his time between homes in Ajijic and Dallas, TX. He has lived full time in Ajijic since 2012.

His first novel, Lifelines, is scheduled for publication in May.