Meet the Writer luncheon with Roberto Moulun

The Iguana Speaks My Name

Roberto Moulun

Roberto Moulun's collection of award-winning fiction, "The Iguana Speaks My Name," will be featured at Oasis Cloud on Wednesday, January 23. The book is nationally-acclaimed in the USA where it was named one of the top 25 independent books of 2012. It includes the title novella and 10 short stories in the magical realism genre perfected by Isabelle Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Reviewers in the USA and Mexico have praised the book, which is set in the villages of Moulun's native Guatemala.

"Imaginative storytelling with real literary depth."

Kirkus Reviews, New York City (starred review for remarkable merit).

"Read his words, meet his characters, view his world, revel in his imagination."

El Ojo del Lago.

Roberto has been a resident of Ajijic for 13 years and has won three annual awards from El Ojo del Lago for best fiction, more than any other Lakeside author.