OasisCloud Featured in Living at Lake Chapala — By Duane —

The OasisCloud Café was featured in the March, 2012 edition of Mexico Insights - Living at Lake Chapala online magazine. Local author James Tipton interviewed Duane and Mary Ann and then wrote the article for the magazine. The article gives a lot of background on Duane and Mary Ann and the OasisCloud Café.

Mexico Insights is giving OasisCloud customers free access to the entire March, 2012 edition. Follow this link:

OasisCloud Café - Living at Lake Chapala

Only the first part of the article will display at first. Click on the "LOG IN" button over on the right and use this following to log in:

Login Name: mar2012
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Once your are logged in you will be directed back to the full article. Enjoy!

Mexico Insights has given full access to the March, 2012 issue of Living at Lake Chapala to OasisCloud customers. You can subscribe to their ongoing monthly issues if you would like to continue to have access to this wonderful resources about the Lake Chapala area.

Living at Lake Chapala