Jackson Hole Wyoming

We spent 2 nights and one full day in Jackson Hole. The town is very "western" themed. Jackson Hole may sound like a little “hole”, but it is actually a very upscale kind of tourist place. There is a ski run that comes right into the edge of town, bikes everywhere, hikers everywhere, etc. It is a real center to launch off from for adventure in this area.

We had another fairly low key day there taking an Uber into the square and spending a few hours in the shops there. We ate lunch at the Jackson Drug Soda Fountain. No drugs here, but a cool old fashion soda fountain. A plain milk shake only costs $14 and they go up from there!

For nearly 100 years the Jackson Drug and Original Soda Fountain has held a special place in the hearts of locals and tourists alike. The Jackson Drug first opened its doors in 1919 in the old Clubhouse building on the east side of the square, by our great-grandfather, Bruce Porter. In 1937 the soda fountain was moved to its more famous location in the stone building on the northwest corner of the Town Square.

Entering the RV park.
This was the first morning that it was warm enough to eat outside. This was our standard breakfast that we ate almost every morning of the trip: scrambled eggs, pan fried toast, and coffee.
You can see the ski run in the distance.
This store had some amazing geodes.
There was lots of interesting stores. This one is called Spirits & Spice.
Entering Jackson Drug.
We decided that Jackson Drug was such a cool place so we had lunch there.