OasisCloud Café

In 2011 we were transitioning from one phase of our life to the next. Duane knew of the large house in Chapala that was available for rent and had an inspiration to open a café there. Mimi was taken by surprise by that, but went along with the idea, and from January 2011 through August we remodeled the house and opened OasisCloud Café August 22, 2011.

We had many fun and memorable experiences over the next three years. We made many friends during this very special time. Late in 2011 Jim Tipton came to us with an idea. Many from the writer community here had started hanging out at OasisCloud and Jim proposed that we start hosting "Meet the Writer Luncheons" to give the writers a venue to promote their work.

We hosted the first "Meet the Writer Luncheon" January 31, 2012 at OasisCloud Café and the last one was on Jan. 21, 2015. We hosted 42 luncheons in that three-year period and had many memorable moments in the process. We remember the luncheons and other OasisCloud highlights here.

James Tipton

Winding down OasisCloud

We have to start downsizing!
Feb. 1, 2015

We realized that we needed to start winding down and downsizing in 2015. The lease was up in August 2015 on our large house where we had lived and worked for the past almost 6 years. We had to keep all of the café equipment, dishes, tables, chairs, etc. as long as we hosted the luncheons, so we had to finally call an end to them and begin preparing for our eventual move in August.


Sheryl Malin

My Journey of Completion
Jan. 21, 2015

Sheryl will be talking about a new approach in treating cancer.  We are not given enough options from our doctors on how to treat cancer with less invasive ways other than surgery, chemo, and radiation.  Come and join Sheryl with the discussion of her book, “My Journey of Completion”.

Sheryl's journey has been going on for 2 years since her arrival to Mexico and here is a brief description of that journey from Sheryl. 


J. C. Romero

Spirits In The Shadows... Intriguing Ghosts Of Mexico
Dec. 3, 2014

J. C. Romero is a semi-retired archaeologist living in Mexico. She spent many years working in Egypt where the ‘unexplainable’ inside tombs and temples was nearly an everyday occurrence. A few years ago she began collecting Mexican ghost stories to add to the Egyptian ghost stories she heard while working in that country.


Gudrun Jones

Memories of the Heart
Nov. 12, 2014

Most of us know Gudrun Jones as the co-founder of the Lakeside Spay and Neuter Center, “The Ranch”.   Readers of the Lake Chapala Review and the Ojo del Lago will also remember her monthly columns, “Petcetera” and “Paw Prints on My Heart” respectively. 

Gudrun has published two books. We will be celebrating both at the luncheon.  Her most recent publication; MEMORIES OF THE HEART is a treasure that you will want to keep close by.


Paul Scanlon

Memoirs of the German Princess
Oct. 29, 2014

In late March 1663, a young woman crossed the English Channel, supposedly seeking refuge in London from several unwanted suitors. Thus began one of the most intriguing mysteries in feminist literary history—a mystery that even now remains unresolved. Put simply, who was she? Who was “the German Princess”? The present narrative, while drawing on numerous contemporary and later accounts of her life, attempts to shed further light on her character and identity.


Judy Dykstra-Brown

Sock Talk
Oct. 15, 2014

What’s a girl to do when she discovers her Great Aunt Knox, notorious for giving sox as presents, is coming for Christmas this year? When asked, a girl just has to tell the truth...


R. M Krakoff

Sept. 24, 2014

It’s the year 2020 when Aaron Kinsley, a wealthy entrepreneur with an excess of time and money, revisits his boyhood dream of pitching in the major leagues for the St. Louis Cardinals. Having learned that time travel has become possible―albeit dangerous and illegal―he decides to transcend his mortal flesh and get transported across the time/space continuum to the year 1944. He figures that since the all-star players are away at war, he’ll have a chance. What he doesn’t count on is taking over the body of Albert Hollingsworth, a pitcher for the most losing team ever, the St. Louis Browns.


Margaret Van Every

Holding Hands With a Stranger
April 23, 2014

Margaret Van Every will read from her new book of poetry Holding Hands with a Stranger on Wednesday, April 23, in the Oasis garden. Holding Hands is a collection of 100 wry tanka on life and wisdom gleaned from her experience and observation.


Antonio Ramblés

Lifelines - An American Dream
March 12, 2014

The lives of two families who have forsaken their past lives to pursue the American dream come together in the melting pot of the industrial Midwest in the middle of the twentieth century.  

Appalachian migrants and Italian immigrants with more in common than they know persevere through wars and economic hardship, dogged by personal tragedies that threaten to undo their American dreams. 


Celebration of life for Nina Discombe and Edward Kular

Feb. 24, 2014

A celebration of life for Nina Discombe and Edward John Kular will be held on Monday, February 24, beginning with coffee served at 10 a.m. in the Oasis Cloud Café and followed by a community healing/guided meditation from 10:30-10:45 a.m. in the garden.

The guided meditation is for those in the community who wish to focus on how to cope with grief and loss of dear friends who were killed violently. Beginning at 11 a.m., it will include readings from Nina’s work and personal sharing of memories of both Nina and Edward. Everyone is invited to participate in this celebration with their own special memories of the couple.