Jackson to Salt Lake City

We decided to take the slightly longer and more scenic route to Salt Lake City. Mary Ann really wanted to drive through Idaho Falls and Pacatello, Idaho. It was a beautiful drive up and over the mountains, through the Idaho farmland, and on to Salt Lake City.

We were surprised how the Salt Lake area stretches on for a very long way going through pretty much continuous towns. Brigham City, Ogden, Layton, Farmington, and then finally Salt Lake City.

View back toward Jackson Hole.
Up, up, up.
And then back down.
Idaho farmland.
The RV park in Salt Lake City was large but quite nice.
There was many very fancy RVs there.
A friend of ours had a great dane that she had recently had to put down due to old age and illness, so when I saw this this one walking past our RV I had to jump out and take some pictures for her.