Rapid City, IW and Mount Rushmore

The next day we drove from Worthington, Mn to Rapid City, IW. There was a lot of wind and rain almost all day long. The Wind especially makes it hard to drive the RV. We arrived at our KOA campground in Rapid City early enough to then drive out to Mount Rushmore which was about 30 min. away. Thankfully the rain and much of the wind subsided long enough for us to see things at Mount Rushmore.

The only real driving "event" that we had on the trip was about 45 minutes outside of Rapid City. As I mentioned, we had been driving in a lot of rain and wind. Sometimes the wind would really buffet the RV around, so it took a lot of concentration to keep it on course.

All of a sudden it seemed like the RV lost power and a warning light and message came on. The Message had no useful information at all other than it was a warning message.

We took the first exit that we came to, parked, and I called the Cruise America 800 number that they give if you need help. I read the warning message to the lady and she said "Oh is that the one that has the little car icon with squiggly lines under it?" And that is what it was.

She explained that when it detects that there is high wind and the vehicle is unstable it disengages the cruise control. That is why it seemed like we had lost power. She said we'd have to travel without the cruise control for a while and at some point it would reset. We made it safely to our destination without cruise contfol, but happy that it wasn't anything serious.

Mount Rushmore Entrance. The rain had stopped and much of the wind had died down, so we were able to enjoy.
John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum (March 25, 1867 – March 6, 1941) was an American sculptor best known for his work on Mount Rushmore.
Rushmore Workers 1927 - 1941
The flags of all 50 states are along this part of the walk.