Salt Lake City to Reno Nevada

This was our longest drive of the whole trip as there isn't any place between them to break the drive up. We stoped a lot though as there were interesting things along the way, so that helped the long drive to not be too difficult.

We drove past the Great Salt Lakes and then the Salt Lake Desert for quite a wile where they collect salt commercially. We stopped at the Bonneville Salt Flats and after that we Stopped at the California Emigrant Trail Interpretive Center. There was lots of signs ourside explaining the trail and what the settlers endured, so we didn't take time to go inside the center.

Final stop on our trip, Reno Nevada!

Great Salt Lake Desert
The vehicle was just driving out when we arrived so don't know how far out he went.
Salt on the shore.
Our RV spot was backed up to that fence overlooking the Truckee River. It was raging like all the rivers at this time. I never found out what that wooden trellis was for, but I guess it must have had train tracks on it at some point.