Salt Lake City Day 1

We took the light rail train into the City around 10 am. We wanted to catch the Organ Recital at 12:30 and didn't really know how long it would take to get in.

It turned out that we arrived long before 12:30, but that turned out to be a good thing as there was another practice going on in Assembly Hall with a pianist and two violinists. This turned out to be even more inspiring than the organ concert.

After listening to this inspiring music for about an hour we went over to the Tabernacle for the Organ recital. They asked us not to take any pictures or video during the recital, so I don't have that.

The organ is beautiful in it's own way, but very different from the previous music as it is very powerful. The building has unique acoustics and the organ has 11,623 pipes! Before the recital the organist demonstrated the acoustics by ripping a news paper several times and then dropping a pin on a table. This can be heard perfectly over the entire Tabernacle.

After the Concert we went back to Assembly Hall where the music was still going on and then there was a short sermon.

The young man smiling there in front gave a short sermon that was quite inspiring and personal.

We got of of the light rail train right across the street from Tabernacle Square.
Assembly Hall
Many beautiful gardens in the square.
Inside Assembly Hall.
This is the inside of the Tabenacle where the organ concert and the Tabernacle Choir rehersal took place.
Looking toward the back of the Tabernacle.
Look forward from the back.
The organist answering question after the recital.
This is the old Tabernacle building that is undergoing a four year reconstruction.
We went to the worship service in Assembly Hall after the organ recital.
They had torn out a lot of the gardens that day and were preparing to replant them. The lady with the flowers in her arms was directing the layout.
They were laying out the plants where they would be planted and then would come back later and plant them. These were all planted the next day.
Outside of the Tabernacle.
A large photo of the old Temple back in the day.
After we left temple square we walked around downtown a bit. Actually we were on a mission to find this gelato ice cream store that was 5 or 6 blocks away.