The Great Salt Lakes

We drove out the he Great Salt Lakes in the morning of the second day. They were a little sad and underwhelming, but we were expecting that.

We listened to a 30 minute video about the history of the Salt Lakes in the information center and it was very interesting. It was quite the tourist attraction at different times in the late 1800s and early 1900s. There was several different tourist spots built at different times. One was like a long bridge extending far out into the lake with restaurants, dance halls, etc. It was quite the thing in its day until the whole thing burned down.

The lake has gone up and down in level over time, so hopefully it is just a down turn right now. There was a lot of snow this year and they say it is already 4 feet hight than last year.

Extracting salt is fairly big business. It isn’t pure enough for human consumption, but they use it for snow melting, animal licking blocks, etc. There is also a very large copper mine (strip mining) near the lake.

This is Silver Sands Beach by the marina. It had started to rain lightly, so I just ran down very quickly, took this video, and stuck my feet in the water.

One of the old tourist places. It is closed now, but they said they have dances there every now and then.
We came to the Salt Lakes and I swam in it when I was a kid. I'm pretty sure this Black Rock place must have been where we came.
Black Rock
It seems that boats can get in there through that channel, but the water is very low and not much activity.
There was a whole bunch of “cairn” there. Stacks of rocks that I think are supposed to show the balance between order and chaos.