The next stop was the Old Faithful area. Old Faithful has never erupted "every hour on the hour" as you may have heard and the interval is increasing some over time. In 1870 it was recorded as 60 to 65 minutes but now it is around 90 to 100 minutes. However, the average height has remained the same over time varying from 106 to 184 feet.

We went into the Information Center and looked at displays while we were waiting for Old Faithful to blow. There are lots of benches to watch Old Faithful erupt, but not sure why I didn't take more pics. There was quite a crowd by the time she began to rumble.

The first video is Old Faithful doing its thing. The second is a smaller geyser that is quite a distance behind old faithful.

The crowd waiting for Old Faithful to blow.
Displays in the information center.