Yellowstone Day 4

On day 4 we drove into Yellowstone and then up to the North side to Mammoth Hot Springs. There was another very interesting information center there and we spent a lot of time in it. We were a little tired of walking through the many thermal areas, so we decided not to walk into the Mammoth Hot Springs boardwalk area as it is quite large.

We learned a lot in the information center about the early history of Yellowstone. It officially became a national park in 1982, but there weren't many resources to watch over and care for it.

In 1886 the US Army took charge of Yellowstone. The Army strengthened, posted, and enforced regulations in the park. Troops guarded the major attractions and evicted troublemakers, and cavalry patrolled the vast interior. Their main headquarters was at Mammoth Hot Springs.

Lots of water!
I had a Great Horned Owl just like this that I rescued and raised from a tiny baby when I was in college.
My owl's name was Woodstock.
This is like the Bald Eagle that we saw in the tree across the river on our first day.
As we were about to leave we spotted a herd of female Elk grazing in a big meadow area.