Mazamitla Feb. 2020

Mazamitla is a very nice little "Pueblo Magico" in the mountains on the other side of lake Chapala. It is a very beautiful drive of about 1 3/4 hours. We sometimes like to drive up just to eat at our favorite restaurant "La Troje". Mazamitla is kind of a Swiss Alps style town and La Troje has the best fajitas in the world!

The Programa Pueblos Mágicos ("Magical Towns Programme") is an initiative led by Mexico's Secretariat of Tourism, with support from other federal agencies, to promote a series of towns around the country that offer visitors special experiences because of their natural beauty, cultural richness, traditions, folklore, historical relevance, cuisine, art crafts, and great hospitality. It is intended to increase tourism to more localities, especially smaller towns in rural areas. The program promotes visiting small, rural towns, where visitors may see indigenous crafts, spectacular landscapes and other attractions.

A very happy wife!
Mazamitla town plaza.
Every town in Mexico has a colorful sign like this.
And of course every town in Mexico has at least one cathedral.
A walking street.