Mazatlan Jan. 2021

In late 2020 we were growing antsy and wanting a break from our "locked down" Covid life. We also wanted to be safe and not take unnecessary chances at catching it. We have some long time friends that moved to Mazatlan in 2019, and they helped us to arrange renting a condo for a month in the same building where they live. While there we extended our stay for another 2 weeks, so we had a really relaxing stay of a little over 6 weeks.

We didn't really live life much different that we had at home in Chapala for the past almost year of Covid, but it was a really great change of scenery for us. The condo is on a wonderful beach on the edge of Mazatlan with very few tourists. We mostly stayed around the condo and mainly only went out to do a bit of shopping. We didn't go out to a restaurant the entire time there, but had a great time walking on the beach, watching sunsets, collecting shells and just relaxing.

We drove from Chapala to Mazatlan on Jan. 11, 2021 and arrived at the El Delfin Condominios at exactly 2 pm. It is about a 6 hour drive.
Our first view of the ocean.
Mimi checking out the balcony.
Our first sunset.
Mimi enjoying coffee our first morning. You can see how close we were to the ocean at high tide.
Sunrise looking back on the other side of the condo. It is an estuary area and so lots of birds fly there.
Looking back at the kitchen.
And looking toward the living room.
Looking down at the beach at low tide.
Mimi with Tom and Val, our friends that live in Mazatlan.
Tom and Val were cat sitting for a friend and this is at the friend's condo that overlooks Ceritos beach.
And there goes the sun. I believe this condo was on the 11th floor and it was pretty breezy that evening, so that is why we look a little cold.
The condo building next door has a very interesting architecture so that everyone has a great view.
At the Mazatlan malecon.
Looking the other direction.
This is a replica of the open style taxis that are unique to Mazatlan.
A condo under construction along the malecon. There must have been at least 6 condo buildings in various stages of construction along the malecon area.
Kiss that seal!
We cooked simple but good meals!
Watching the news at sunset. Hmm, maybe I should get out on the balcony and forget about the news!
The condo building from the beach.
The condo building from the beach.
Condo building from the beach
Our condo was on the 2nd floor and the first one that you can see there on the end over the wall.
Sometimes the beach had rocks and other time there were none.
Very low tide.
Mimi loved walking in the shallow water when the tide was low.
A condo under construction just down the beach from us.
At low tide there would be a number of locals out collecting clams off of the rocks that got exposed at low tide. This is where they had been pried off.
We found two sand dollars. Ones this size are quite rare in this area.
Cooking "pita pizza" with our friends one Sunday evening!
Valentine dinner.
Valentine's day is also our anniversary.
A sea turtle stranded on the beach. We tried to get him back into the water, but he was too far gone.
It was always fun watching the sun set into the ocean each evening.
This is looking back toward Mazatlan. The other side of that area with the 3 high rises is Ceritos beach.
Full moon setting over the ocean.
Sunrise over the estuary.
And a whole lot more sunsets!