Pour Over Coffee

Our "Pour Over" coffee has been very popular here at OasisCloud Café. Espresso based coffee is great, but it isn't the only way to enjoy the wonderful nuances of fine coffee. As coffee-brewing techniques go, pour over is slow and mannered. It’s low tech. The coffee it makes is clean, round and fruity, and you can fully taste all of those complex layers of flavor lurking in the coffee bean.

When you control the flow of the water, you control the extraction. The idea behind pour over is that the water level should never rise above the coffee grounds. First, you pre-wet the coffee: hot water causes the grounds to “bloom” and turn frothy as they release carbon dioxide. Then, you start the pour over: as the grounds naturally rise up the side of the cone, you keep the coffee saturated but not submerged by pouring the water in a circular pattern. The water should be going through the grounds, not over them. You know you’re doing it right if the coffee in the cone is foamy and the color of caramel.

Pour over coffee is a ritual. It isn't fast, but it sure is delicious! Here's a youtube clip to show you the technique for a good pour over.