OasisCloud - Bad news & the unexpected!

The foundation for the patio had just been completed. Mimi and I came home one day and the guys came out to the car shaking their heads. Bad news! The plumbers had been there working on a bathroom and had discovered that there was actually a septic tank under the living room floor! There was a section of the floor that was sagging in a bit and we knew that had to be fixed, but had no idea what was actually under there!

This had obviously been built many years before and was also obviously not sanitary. The floor was also very suspect. So, after counseling with the workers and the plumbers we decided to go ahead and build a new septic tank, put in new septic piping for the whole bottom floor, reroute it for the top floor, and then fill in the old septic tank. This of course also meant ripping out all of the tile, so that would need to be replaced.

This was all quite a surprise, but in the end we were happy it happened, because the downstairs turned out so much nicer once all of the work was completed.

The foundation has for the patio has been laid. The next day we come home and the guys come out to the car shaking their heads. Bad news!
Marking the spot.
The front hoe is back.
Manually squaring the sides up.
That is a lot of dirt!
Preparing the foundation.
Digging through the newly laid patio foundation for the pipes.
And tearing up the living room to run pipes.
Our new sliding door was ready, so the came and installed it in the midst of all of this.
The water pressure system was installed in the bodega. An aljibe (cistern) is under the floor of this storeroom.
And the electrician was finalizing things as well.
Plumbers laying pipe.
The inside is complete and iron beams in place.
Sealing it in.
The completed septic tank on June 6th.
The old tile was then ripped out.
By June 11th this phase was almost done. A cement layer was poured here and then the tile laid. For some reason I don't have pictures of all of that.