OasisCloud - In the beginning

We took possession of the house the middle of February 2011. We had great plans for renovations, but we needed to move in by the end of February, so the first step was to fix up the upstairs so that we could live there while the downstairs was being worked on. We had the upstairs painted, put in kitchenette in where a landing had been, and were able to move in by the end of February.

We saw potential, but lots of work ahead.
This will be beautiful!
Our temporary kitchen. We actually ended up using this in the morning to make our coffee and things instead of having to go downstairs.
My work area in the 2nd bedroom and also our living room.
Mimi's work area.
The 3rd bedroom which became out temporary pantry and dining room.
The Jacarandas are beautiful in March and April!
We call those 8 white condos up on the hill the "baby bottles".