OasisCloud - The construction begins

In March and April Mimi's main focus was on the garden and she started getting it into shape. The real construction began in the middle of April. Work began on the kitchen first. Shortly after that we began to realize that we weren't going to be able to enter through the house during all of this, so by the end of April we had stairs built and installed so that we could go straight upstairs without going through the house.

There were a few things in the garden that just needed to be nurtured back to life.
And then there are a lot of viveros around.
Some of the roses that were "rescued"!
The work begins in earnest.
Archway to the living room boarded up.
Life isn't going to be the same for a while!
Ahh, finally, a new way into our living area so that we don't have to track through the construction.