OasisCloud - Garden & more cafe setup

A lot more happened from the middle of July until August 8. Again, I'm not sure why I don't have more pictures of the progress, but we must have been really busy. Mimi designed the layout of the garden and then the vivero came and spread new ground dirt, laid grass sod, and planted the palm tree. Mimi took over from there planting rest of the garden.

We also went to Tonala and purchased decorations and ordered and picked up custom made lounge chairs. Our counter was delivered and we did more cafe setup and planning.

Mimi designed the garden and did most of the planting.
The vivero laid all of the grass sod and planted the palm tree, but other than that the garden sprang forth from Mimi's hard work.
Near the front gate under the lime tree. That lime tree wasn't very "pretty", but we sure got a lot of delicious limes from it over the years.
Our comfy chairs we had custom made for the lounging area.
The café counter.
Practicing some presentations and how to photograp them.