OasisCloud - The first few months

Our clientele grew steadily over the first few months and we began to introduce food into the menu. It was a growing process for us, but it was good to take it slow as we were learning as we went along.

We started hosting a few events like the Red Hats and some informal gatherings of writer and artist groups. This really helped to bring new people in and introduce them to our place. We were building OasisCloud.

Mark lived next door to the cafe and so he was a regular customer. His friend Tim would travel through the area from time to time and whenever he was around they loved to jamb together. One of their favorite places was on our patio.

Customers enjoying Margaret Van Every playing the violin.
Jamming on the patio after hours with Mark and Tim.
Mark, who lived right next door to us.
The Red Hat ladies carving pumpkins at halloween.
Enjoying our garden and crepes by ourselves on a Sunday morning.