Rosemary Dineen

Rosemary is a new and distinctive voice among Lakeside poets, one deserving of our attention and respect.  Much of the strength in her voice derives from the person herself, for she is a marvel. Here is a woman who had the audacity and courage at the age of 76 to leave her home in Boulder, Colorado, her family, and the comfortable life she knew she could depend on. She said adiós to a past she was ready to unload, and on her own sought a new existence in an unfamiliar culture where she couldn’t even speak the language. She arrived in Mexico with two suitcases and a feeling of freedom having divested herself of the stuff that had previously owned her.

"Welcome to the Unknown" includes many poems of internal dialogues searching for answers to universal questions that sooner or later trouble everyone.  What is family? Are simple pleasures the core of human happiness? What about death? Fear? Isn’t uncertainty the most vitalizing path at any age?

If these questions appear in your life, you’ll find Rosemary Dineen a voice worth hearing and reading.  

Rosemary Dineen reading selections from "Welcome to the Unknown".
Luncheon on the OasisCloud patio.