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Various thoughts about things that Duane and Mary Ann are interested in.

Pumpkin Carving Party — By Duane —

We recently hosted a "Pumpkin carving party" for a local group of the Red Hats (Las Hermanas de los Sombreros Rojos). They had a wonderful time here and we had a wonderful time hosting them. The Red Hat ladies were really creative with their pumpkins! Read more »

Double/Triple Rush Hot Chocoloate — By Duane —

Now that it is getting a bit cooler here at Lakeside we are offering something new at OasisCloud. We have a delicious hot chocolate made with a semi-sweet Turin chocolate bar mixed with hot steamed milk. And for the adventurous we have Double or Triple Rush Hot Chocolate! Read more »

Pour Over Coffee — By Duane —

Our "Pour Over" coffee has been very popular here at OasisCloud Café. Espresso based coffee is great, but it isn't the only way to enjoy the wonderful nuances of fine coffee. As coffee-brewing techniques go, pour over is slow and mannered. It’s low tech. The coffee it makes is clean, round and fruity, and you can fully taste all of those complex layers… Read more »

Working at a coffee shop — By Duane —

I saw an interesting article on wikiHow about how to work from a coffee shop. We pride ourselves at OasisCloud Café for our relaxing, comfortable, welcoming, and quiet environment. We think we score very high on their list of things to look for in a suitable coffee shop to work from. Come by and see for yourself what OasisCloud Café has to offer if… Read more »