OasisCloud Café

In 2011 we were transitioning from one phase of our life to the next. Duane knew of the large house in Chapala that was available for rent and had an inspiration to open a café there. Mimi was taken by surprise by that, but went along with the idea, and from January 2011 through August we remodeled the house and opened OasisCloud Café August 22, 2011.

We had many fun and memorable experiences over the next three years. We made many friends during this very special time. Late in 2011 Jim Tipton came to us with an idea. Many from the writer community here had started hanging out at OasisCloud and Jim proposed that we start hosting "Meet the Writer Luncheons" to give the writers a venue to promote their work.

We hosted the first "Meet the Writer Luncheon" January 31, 2012 at OasisCloud Café and the last one was on Jan. 21, 2015. We hosted 42 luncheons in that three-year period and had many memorable moments in the process. We remember the luncheons and other OasisCloud highlights here.

James Tipton

Margaret Van Every

Saying Her Name
Dec. 12, 2012

Margaret Van Every, one of Lakeside's preeminent poets, will read from her new book Saying Her Name, on December 12. The book is a collection of poems about the author's finding her way in life after the death of her mother, which occurred when Margaret was a child of 10. The book describes the various stages through which all women pass in their life's journey toward the wisdom that comes with age and experience.


Who Rescued Who?

Tales of Street Dogs And The People Who Love Them
Nov. 28, 2012

Who Rescued Who: Tales of Street Dogs and the People Who Love Them  is about finding a reliable companion, a best friend to walk beside forever. It is a collection of tales of family, love, loyalty, and hope. As you read these heart tugging stories you may find it is not always clear who rescues who. Often laugh out loud funny and emotional, many stories are told by the dogs, describing their adventures on the road to happiness. This is a book for all ages. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. And if you’ve ever loved a dog, you’ll relate.


Jim Rambo

"Life, Love, and the Law" in Lit By "Rammy"
Nov. 14, 2012

Jim Rambo is a retired chief prosecutor for the Attorney General of Delaware whom, among his other efforts, tried forty murder cases on both the defense and state sides of the law during his thirty-year career.  Jim was born and grew up in Wilmington, Delaware during the 1940s and 1950s. A number of the stories in his book, “Let My Record Reflect” are grounded in that “city kid” experience, his later legal life, and finally, his retirement to the Mexican mountains.


Lois Schroff

"Physical and Spiritual Experiences of Color: Theapeutic and Artistic Aspects"
Oct. 24, 2012

From the pages of my new book, Physical and Spiritual Experiences of Color: Theapeutic and Artistic Aspects, I have chosen two artists to highlight.  Goethe, the literary giant, best known as the creator of the two-part play, THE TRAGEDY OF FAUST. The other is artist Rudolf Steiner, public speaker, philosopher, painter, writer of books and plays, sculptor, architect, founder of new arts of dance, of agriculture, of drawing, of education, of Christian ritual, and of social reform.


David Bryen

"An Erotic Encounter with the Divine Feminine"
Oct. 10, 2012

David Bryen will read from his book:  “The Man Loves the Wine She Serves Through Her Body:  An Erotic Encounter with the Divine Feminine”.

Emerson wrote “In silence we must wrap up much of our life, because it is too fine for speech, because also we cannot explain it to others, and because we somewhat cannot yet understand.”


David Adamson Harper

"How Teddy Took Panama"
Sept. 12, 2012

"How Teddy Took Panama" is an historical novel about the original (1903) Panama Canal Treaty and the secession of Panama from the United States of Colombia that made it all possible. In a novel form it answers the questions that historians have only been able to postulate. 


Bill Sanders

"Crossing Borders"
Aug. 8, 2012

On the surface, this is the story of an Arctic-to-Cape Horn journey the presenter took with his first wife in 1970-71: rollicking stories, cultural insights, arresting vignettes around numerous bends in the road.

On a deeper level, it's a story of difficulties on many levels – and of two individuals' attempts to deal with them.

Ultimately, it's a story of human growth – and, at crucial times, the lack of it.


Gary Fuller

"Writing With Emotion"
July 11, 2012

Dr. Gary Fuller will be discussing “Writing With Emotion,” and will read examples of various techniques from his current novel, “Lethal Conspiracy”. Writing with emotion is not just writing about or describing emotion, but creating images and conveying feelings in the reader’s mind.


Robert Bruce Drynan

"Fiction must tell Truth"
June 6, 2012

Robert Bruce Drynan's writing career began at age fourteen with a history of the American Civil War. Later, he destroyed his first literary effort. One of his characters in this collection comments, "Telling a story is never enough if the writer hasn't experienced life."


Mel Goldberg

Selected short stories and poetry
April 18, 2012

His first book of poetry and photography, The Cyclic Path, was published in 1990. In 2001, he published Sedona Poems for the Sedona, Arizona, centennial. In 2003 iUniverse published his first novel, Choices. His stories and poetry appear regularly in print and online.