OasisCloud Café

In 2011 we were transitioning from one phase of our life to the next. Duane knew of the large house in Chapala that was available for rent and had an inspiration to open a café there. Mimi was taken by surprise by that, but went along with the idea, and from January 2011 through August we remodeled the house and opened OasisCloud Café August 22, 2011.

We had many fun and memorable experiences over the next three years. We made many friends during this very special time. Late in 2011 Jim Tipton came to us with an idea. Many from the writer community here had started hanging out at OasisCloud and Jim proposed that we start hosting "Meet the Writer Luncheons" to give the writers a venue to promote their work.

We hosted the first "Meet the Writer Luncheon" January 31, 2012 at OasisCloud Café and the last one was on Jan. 21, 2015. We hosted 42 luncheons in that three-year period and had many memorable moments in the process. We remember the luncheons and other OasisCloud highlights here.

James Tipton

OasisCloud - Kitchen work

May 1, 2011

They tore everything out of the kitchen and now the rebuilding begins on several fronts. Kitchen counters were being built, new plumbing was being installed, and the electrician was rewiring the downstairs. And of course Mimi continued improving the garden.


OasisCloud - The construction begins

April 1, 2011

In March and April Mimi's main focus was on the garden and she started getting it into shape. The real construction began in the middle of April. Work began on the kitchen first. Shortly after that we began to realize that we weren't going to be able to enter through the house during all of this, so by the end of April we had stairs built and installed so that we could go straight upstairs without going through the house.


OasisCloud - In the beginning

Feb. 15, 2011

We took possession of the house the middle of February 2011. We had great plans for renovations, but we needed to move in by the end of February, so the first step was to fix up the upstairs so that we could live there while the downstairs was being worked on. We had the upstairs painted, put in kitchenette in where a landing had been, and were able to move in by the end of February.